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Watch Repairs

Below is a list of watch brands we have repaired in the past, it is by no means a complete list. Do not worry if your watch is not listed below, if it is a modern quality jeweled lever or quartz watch we will probably be able to offer you a repair. Fill in the watch repair enquiry form or telephone 0845-2575-828 (Local Rate) and ask to speak to Mr. Reeves the watch repairer regarding your timepiece.E-mail watchmaker@reevesrepairs.co.uk

Please note we will not entertain fake, copy or generic watches. They should be returned to the point of sale for rectification or re-fund. In addition we no longer undertake repairs to all tuning fork watches as replacement parts are exhausted. Kinetic/Ecodrive models are best returned to their manufacturers as these type of watches are proving unreliable.

With over 40 years experience of watch repairs, BHI/Swiss ebauche electronics certificates,we are well equipped in both skills & tools to undertake repairs to your valuable watches. We do have large stocks of spare parts, and a network of suppliers that can usually keep your watch on your wrist for years to come.So be it a TAG,Zenith,Rolex,Gucci or something more unusual we have probably repaired one or more in the past.Each full repair carries a 12 months guarantee. Brought to your door quickly by insured post, no parking fees or traffic warden problems.

Watch dial restoration undertaken. These are restored out of house by specialist restorers. Colour changes no - problem. Dials are restored to original finish, batons re-finished or replaced.



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Last Updated 18 February 2008